Nethermayne Election Result

by geoffwilliams on 4 May, 2012

Letter to Local Press

by geoffwilliams on 15 March, 2012

For those wo may have seen my letter to the local press about Basildon Council’s Local Development Framework, specifically may have read it in The Enquirer, here’s the FULL text of the letter…. Dear Sir Basildon Borough Council is currently consulting on its plans to regenerate Basildon Town Centre and on the Preferred Options for […]

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Though fairly tame by the standards of some past meetings, the first Basildon Council meeting of the New Year demonstrated the short-lived nature of the Season of Goodwill with Cllr Horgan calling a member of the public – our own Phil Jenkins – a “pompous arse” for asking the Leader of the Council if his bag-carrier, Cllr Luke […]

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Basildon Town Centre Masterplan

by geoffwilliams on 20 January, 2012

These are very much initial and individual comments. As a local councilllor I want to be able to represent the views of my constituents to The Powers That Be. So I welcome your thoughts on the proposals that are before the Basildon community. To see the whole draft plan click on Town Centre Masterplan under […]

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Golf Course Hotel ?

by geoffwilliams on 11 January, 2012

Amongst the options that Basildon Borough Council officers are considering for Basildon Golf Course is one for a hotel. There’s no indication of where  on the golf course it could be, but those who occupy their minds which such things need to remember that the Golf Course is in Green Belt. Of course they might […]

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Why won’t the council be straight with us ?

by geoffwilliams on 3 January, 2012

When the proposal to develop the Land North of Dry Street  – now called the ‘Nethermayne Site’ – was announced in May the council’s response was “if the council did not support proposals from  the Homes and Communities Agency, the development would be forced upon them with no gain to the borough.”       […]

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